Our frame lines are continually being updated with the latest in styles while still maintaining a core of classic frames that still remain popular. Our opticians are trained to help you select the frame that both looks good and fits your face and lifestyle. We have a large assortment of quality frames for your selection. We also carry a selection of sports glasses and goggles, safety frames and children’s frames. All of our frames carry a one year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

We want you to be comfortable in your glasses so we offer complementary adjustments, cleaning, and minor repairs. Just stop by during office hours to take advantage of these services. We offer the following frame types: Ultralight, titanium, rimless, metal, three piece mountings, plastic frames, combination plastic and metal, sunglass, sports and safety.


A beautiful frame is not functional without a good pair of lenses. We carry an assortment of quality lenses and coatings including the latest freeform lenses to meet your budget or lifestyle. Our opticians will be able to recommend to you the options that may fit your needs in eyeglass wear, whether for outdoor computer, sports, reading, or general use. Not all lenses are the same, especially progressive lenses, and our opticians will be able to direct you to the style that most fits your needs. We carry lenses that change tint, sunglass lenses including polarized, antireflective coatings, various scratch coatings, tints and hi index (thin lenses).

What is a free form lens?

This is a digitally surfaced lens to overcome optical aberrations that standard lens grinding leaves on the lenses. Typically this gives a much clearer and wider viewing zone to look through on your glasses. You might call this a high definition lens.

Will one pair of glasses solve all my visual needs?

Sometimes this is the case but we find on numerous occasions that more than one pair is needed for specific tasks. The changes that have taken place both in the workplace and home in the technology age has changed our viewing habits and placed additional stresses on our eyes. You should discuss this with the doctor so he can make recommendations.

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